Eljiah John Bowdre is an international motivational speaker, creative marketing business consultant, and Chinese trade expert. Bowdre has provided professional training/coaching or motivational presentations for the below companies and/or their representatives: Dragages Construction, Wyeth Nutritional, EET New World Professional Training, J.P.Morgan, HSBC, Sun Hung Kai Financial, BP Petroleum, and the Los Angeles Urban League conducted strategic due diligence on hedge fund and private equity firms for marketing to ultra high-net worth clients for several leading investment banks in New York. After the financial crisis, Bowdre launched a brand strategy group with a partnership in Shanghai, China and consulted small to medium-sized U.S. enterprises on best practices in expanding strategic relationships within China. In addition to analyzing and synthesizing complex market data to advise clients, Bowdre created original branding strategy for local and multinational companies. Bowdre is increasingly being viewed as the authority throughout Asia and is sought after as a thought leader on understanding and overcoming challenges in an increasingly culturally diverse global professional landscape. He has also lectured for institutions such as Harvard Business School, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, Hong Kong University, the Hong Kong University American Society, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Shanghai University, Jiatong University, Florida Memorial University, and Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.



Raushanah Lynn Bowdre is a current mid-career graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration degree specializing in international trade relations, foreign direct investment and urban planning and development at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  She was a former Vice President for J.P.  Morgan's Corporate Investment Bank in New York and Hong Kong as an Emerging Markets Bank Market Infrastructures Manager for 7 years. She managed a portfolio of regional and local banks to negotiate a $75 million budget and led market advocacy efforts for capital market regulation improvements in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  She developed and managed relationships with over 100 foreign regulators, central banks, stock exchanges, and central depositories to promote changes necessary to align such underdeveloped financial markets with international best practices.  She was also the former Editor-in-Chief of the firm’s employee newsletter spanning across an audience of 25,000 members located in India, Australia, and South and North East Asian, focusing on inclusion and diversity with local communities. She has also been a contributor and facilitator of numerous diversity and international awareness panels in institutions like Harvard Business School and Hong Kong University. Raushanah specializes in international communication advisory and event production, contract and service legal agreement negotiation, market expansion planning and oversight, along with risk, compliance, and corporate governance policy and procedure development.